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Tonga (Nukualofa) 14 day weather forecast

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Whether you are still at home and trying to plan your day or you are planning a trip to Tonga, it is always a good idea to consider the weather.

Our excellent and reliable Tonga online weather services, which update every few minutes, can help you prepare and get a clear picture of the weather in Tonga today, tomorrow, and for the next 14 days.

Current weather in Tonga -

The current temperature in Tonga is °. Today's forecast in Tonga calls for a high of ° , and a low of °. The wind will blow an average of , and the humidity is expected to be %. Chances of rain today in Tonga are %.

For a detailed hour-by-hour weather forecast for Tonga, please visit the weather in Tonga today page.

Tonga weather by month - Yearly weather

If you are planning to travel to Tonga, visit our weather-by-month page. Select a month, February, for example, to check out the average weather in Tonga for that month. This page will show you the expected temperatures, the chance for rain, and more.

The weather-by-month page will help you determine what to pack for your trip to Tonga, and when it's the best time to visit.

It will show you which months have mild weather patterns, in which months you will need extra sunscreen, and which months require additional clothing to stay warm. With our weather service, the weather in Tonga will no longer be a surprise! weather forecast provides an accurate weather forecast for Tonga and other locations around the world. As we all know, the weather can change quickly.

If you are looking for the most current weather information in Tonga, this is the right place to go. Our Tonga weather forecast is available both online and via mobile.