March in


The weather in Berlin in March is extremely cold with temperatures as low as 2°C to 9°C. Be prepared for the cold with warm clothes and heavy winter gear.

If you are traveling to Berlin in March, be prepared for rain. There are 15 to 22 rainy days on average in March.

You can expect a few days of snow in Berlin in March, about 4. Therefore, don't forget to bring snow boots and warm clothes.

If you are planning to visit Berlin in March, we recommend that to checking the Berlin 14 days weather forecast page just before arrival for an accurate weather forecast.

Rainy Days
Rainy Days
Snowy Days
Snowy Days
Dry Days
Dry Days
Avg. Rainfall
Avg. Rainfall

Berlin Yearly Weather

Month Temperatures Rainy Days Dry Days Snowy Days Avg. Rainfall Weather More Details
January -2°C / 2°C 19 12 10 20 mm
Very Bad
February -2°C / 4°C 13 15 7 13 mm
Very Bad
March 2°C / 9°C 17 14 4 16 mm
April 6°C / 16°C 14 16 1 11 mm
May 9°C / 20°C 15 16 0 23 mm
June 12°C / 22°C 16 14 0 31 mm
July 15°C / 25°C 16 15 0 37 mm
August 15°C / 25°C 14 17 0 20 mm
September 11°C / 20°C 13 17 0 14 mm
October 7°C / 14°C 14 17 0 19 mm
November 4°C / 8°C 14 16 1 17 mm
December 0°C / 4°C 19 12 7 22 mm
Very Bad

Travel to Berlin in March - FAQ

What is the average temp in Berlin in March?
The average temperatures in Berlin during March are 2/9°C
What is the chance for rain in Berlin in March?
There are 17 rainy days in average in Berlin during March
Weather wise, is it good time to visit Berlin in March?
The weather in Berlin in March is Bad
Can it snow in Berlin in March?
There are 4 snowy days in Berlin in March

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