provides accurate weather forecasts for cities and locations around the world.

Whether you are checking the forecast for today or planning to travel to a city 6 months from now, will let you know what to expect. Some features of this site:


Start your search by typing your destination city in the search bar at the top of the page, or start your search by selecting a continent, country and then a specific city. You will be routed to the correct page for your destination.

Forecast Options

Today's Forecast - Want to know how to dress today and if you need an umbrella? Check out today's forecast for your selected city. The temperatures are listed by hour as are the wind speed, chances of rain, humidity and other weather details for the day. The page also provides clothing suggestions based on the forecast.

14 Day Forecast - Glimpse ahead at the next two weeks with the 14-day forecast. Click on a specific day to get more details such as the hour-by-hour forecast for that day and clothing suggestions for each day.

Weather-By-Month - Still deciding when to travel? The page for each city provides weather-by-month information that outlines the expected weather in each month of the year. Select a month and discover the average temperatures and chances of rain, snow, or sunshine for that month.

By searching for destination's monthly weather you will be able to select the best month for your travels and accurately pack for your trip.

Other Features

Webcams - Take a look at your destination city by clicking on the city's webcam. Live and daylight options are available.

Hotels - Looking for a place to stay during your travels? Click on hotels for each city to be linked to hotel options.

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